“Sweet Treat Yourself!”

It’s hard to remember exactly when I fell in love with sweets. I know it was as a child that I picked up my penchant for all things sweet albeit candy, cakes, cookies and so much more. I loved candy and junk food so much that my entrepreneurial journey began as a student in middle school selling the candy that I bought wholesale from Sam’s club out of my book bag. That gave me a healthy and focused distraction from eating it so much, yet my love of sweets has followed me into my adulthood where I began baking and creating various edible creations for my family and friends.

Over the years my passion for food and cooking has inspired me to pursue a career in the food industry. Almost two years ago I started applying for culinary school and positions in kitchens or restaurants that would expand my culinary experience. Happily, I was accepted into the Culinard program at Virginia College and set on a path to earn the money to pay my way through school. Unfortunately, my plans were derailed when I was rear-ended in an automobile accident that would leave me injured and unable to earn money driving for Uber and Lyft out of my vehicle. Though my dream was delayed I stilled stayed on track by keeping my love of food and cooking alive, preparing mouth-watering and extravagant meals for my family. Pictures of those meals and some of the delicious treats that I have made are available on the #iluvtocook page.

God always knows what he’s doing because Virginia College has since gone out of business and caused many problems for the students that were enrolled at closing, not to mention the ones who have already completed their programs. I obtained my ServSafe Food Handler certification in October 2018. As a result, I was able to obtain my first commercial kitchen experience working at Frosting’s Bakery as a kitchen helper and I have also worked at Daily Jars, a healthy meal prep company since then.

As I’ve dreamed about the how, the when’s, where’s and why’s of my culinary career I have stayed steadfast on the path of creating delicious meals and sweet treats and am excited to be presenting my latest project, “Queen of Sweets” as an ode to my love of sweets, cooking and the food industry.

Queen of Sweets will be setting up at flea markets, trade shows, and other events that will allow us to market and promote our delicious and delightful sweets to all. Shown below you’ll see an item that I’m excited to debut just in time for Mother’s Day, the ever-delightful and tasty Candy Rose Apple. The white rose apple has shimmering gold flecks and the pink rose apple has been garnished with flecks of jolly ranchers.


Queen of Sweets menu is constantly evolving, as I experiment with different flavors and textures for your taste buds. However, our classics include our soft-baked chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and peanut butter cookies; light and fluffy funnel cakes smothered in powdered sugar and other toppings, jolly pops and candied fruits (candy apples, candy strawberries, candy grapes).



Check back soon, I will be posting my upcoming calendar for the next month, so stay tuned,  Queen of Sweets will be available locally to Richmond, Virginia and it’s surrounding counties for your support and consumption!! Feel free to reach me at tamekapleasants@gmail.com for more information.




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