“fyi” is a podcast that I currently host and produce that is based off a project that initially was supposed to be a book. There have been too many reasons why this book isn’t in print yet but I was recently inspired to create a podcast for the collection of information that has been sitting in my files for years.

I was inspired to write “fyi” because of my husband and my combined interest in history especially, black history. Over the years we’ve learned so many things that were new to us both, that we had never heard before, and in some cases, our peers hadn’t heard of these things either. This started a journey seventeen years ago that even predates our marriage of discovery and enlightenment that has created much thought and discussion amongst us.

It is my hope that the information that I share via “fyi” will motivate you to learn more about all history including black history.

Check out “fyi” available on most platforms.

Episodes Published:                                                                                       

Episode # 1 – On The Move Bombing In Philadelphia May 13, 1985,    Published May 18, 2019

On A Move – MOVE

Future Episodes:

“Sara’s Derrierre” The life of Saartjie Baartman, an African woman sold into slavery, and then as a “freak show” exhibit because of her large buttocks.

If you have pieces of information that you’d like to share for a future episode, please email me at

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