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Tameka Pleasants is many things all wrapped into one absolutely fabulous human being who loves God, life , her family and the people she can help along the way! The wife and  mother of four is the sole owner and operator of Pleasants Personal and Professional Solutions, LLC a consulting company and Homage Impressions, LLC, a t-shirt company based out of Henrico County Virginia. Although she has successfully navigated a career within Corporate America for many years working for Fortune 500 companies, most recently she has found great contentment and satisfaction as an self employed Entrepreneur who has been able to assist small business owners, fellow Entrepreneurs and families address their most complex challenges or issues to simple fixes and everything in between.

Since she’s left the corporate world she has spent her time as a freelance writer for blog posts, articles and proposals, a Permitted Taxi Cab driver, Lyft and Uber driver, Host, Speaker and now a Consultant. Her life as a writer and consultant are far from conventional but allow her the chance to work with many people in all different walks in life.

It also grants her the opportunity to do what she loves the most while keeping her priorities focused on the things that she love most, this life that she has been blessed with and the people that God has tasked her to take care of – Big Fred, Fred 5, King, Cassius and Praise.

“It’s nothing that I love more than seeing happiness and completeness in my family and other families too. It is because of God and them that I have much to share with the world in hopes that you too will be inspired to celebrate life every day and the ones that you love!”                                                                    Tameka Pleasants


Tameka swears by her last name…Pleasants, as she truly believes that every day is a “Pleasant” day no matter what tasks, obstacles or issues arise and that there are certain pieces of information, lessons, hacks and recipes that she’s learned and benefited from over the years and she couldn’t have dreamed up a better platform to share all of this with you on.

Aside from the work she gets to do for others, her life is heavily centralized around her family and home life.  She is a published author turned Publisher with four books to date. She has twenty years of cooking and hospitality experience under her belt and she intends to complete Culinary school in the near future. She worked in Finance for years learning the ins and outs of mortgage operations and more specifically Loss Mitigation. Tameka has helped hundreds of people keep their homes and helped just as many find a pre or post foreclosure alternatives. Working in the Gerontology department back in the day gave her a sincere interest in and wealth of information and resources on aging and the care of the aging population. She was able to compound that knowledge as a licensing specialist with the Board of Nursing Home Administrators. Who knew that all of this information was going to personally help her and her family first hand as she transitioned to being a full time caretaker of her mother in law, Carol Pleasants, a retired teacher.

Life has many curves, there are certainly the highs and the hard to sometimes forget lows. Tameka shares that if you keep your faith, grow your faith and keep doing your best, things will always work out in your favor! Follow Tameka Pleasants of A Very Pleasant Life.com as she navigates this so called life pursing her passion to serve God and help others along the way!

Career Experience 

Office Services Specialist – Virginia Commonwealth University – Department of Gerontology

Program Analyst/Technician – State of Virginia – Department of Social Services – Community Programs

Administrative/Licensing Specialist – State of Virginia – Department of Dentistry and Nursing Home Administrators

Online Customer Service – Wells Fargo LLC, formerly Wachovia Bank

Loss Mitigation Analyst – SunTrust Mortgage

Foreclosure Analyst – CCO Mortgage


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“We Are the Jones”


“Amen S.i.s.! It’s Already Done!”


“Sweet Justice: A Mother’s Revenge”



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Tameka is a Home Operations & Family Life Expert who has a ton of knowledge, resources and tools to resolve your simple to most complex problems. Her consulting services are available at your request.



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