Chief Grilling Officer 2019 Maybe? Possibly? Hopefully?

Who knew there was a such thing as a Chief Grilling Officer? I was 37 years old when I learned of such a thing, essentially a day ago. Perusing through the local news website I saw the story that Reynolds Wrap is looking to hire a Chief Grilling Officer to travel for two weeks sampling delicious BBQ! Finally a dream job that I wanted to apply for.

So I find the website and read the details, the contest ends in hours, and it just happens to be worded in a way to confuse people. So I had to kick it into high gear and get my entry done quickly. I ran to the store and scored the ingredients I needed to nail my Beef Ribs recipe. The entry required an brief explanation why I wanted to be Chief Grilling Officer along with a picture of me grilling my favorite recipe.

If you’ve cooked Beef Ribs before you know it’s not something you can rush, it is a labor of love and patience to get them tender and keep them from drying out. But I’m always confident in my process so I began marinating the ribs (coca cola, soy sauce, red wine vinegar, liquid smoke and beef broth). The plan was to marinade them as long as possible (at least 4 hours) but I was losing daylight and there was rain in the forecast. I worked on my written part of the entry on my phone and then I heard it, the rain.

I shot up and ran outside, moved my grill from its normal spot and positioned it under the my umbrella to get the grill lit. After a few attempts my grill was hot and ready for action.

I managed to get my husband to take a few pictures of me grilling before the downpour. It’s not a cute or flattering picture but I am glad I got it done and submitted in time.

I haven’t had a lot of luck in the job department but this could turn it all around for me! The stipend is $10,000 with paid travel for you and and a guest. This could be the honeymoon me and my husband never had! He loves BBQ more than I do. So keep your fingers crossed, maybe just …maybe.

Here’s my entry pictures:

I’ll keep you posted! Till then be blessed and be a blessing! And keep grilling!

Pleasant Mom of 4






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