Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m full, slightly tired but so happy that I am here to celebrate another Thanksgiving with my family and closest friends. I’m thankful for my relationship with God and all that he has blessed me with and looking forward to what’s in store for my future.

Even though I love holidays they can feel bittersweet at times. The dysfunction in my families is what keeps my inner circle very small. Small isn’t always bad though. The disagreements are few, and we never have to worry about people taking too many to go boxes home, lol. We had put a few invites out into the universe but ultimately knew it would be just us (the 7 in my house always feels like a crowd either way). And I’m always okay with that. Even though most couldn’t make it, my God daughter, Miss Acacia and one of my best buddies, LaDonna came over and we had a great dinner. The food was great and conversations were good; I enjoyed myself from start to finish.

I even got a chance to talk to my other best buddy Nichole, and my other gal pal Candace briefly over text today. Adulting comes full circle when you can see how much you’ve grown over the years and can experience and appreciate it with people who have been there through a lot with you.

I’m thankful for every one of them and how much they keep me grounded, humble and grateful. Big hearts, hugs and much love to Big Fred, Fredo, King, Cassius, Praise, Carol P., Acacia, LaDonna, Nichole and Candace.

In case you want to know, our Thanksgiving Dinner included (I’ll post links to the recipes I used later): Oven Roasted Turkey (Dry brined with Rosemary, Sage, and Thyme), Stove Top Cornbread Stuffing (apparently it’s a black thing, lol.), Brown Sugar Glazed Ham, Cajun Shrimp Dip and Crusty Bread, Macaroni and Cheese, Cranberry Sauce, Turkey Gravy, Pigs in a Blanket (yes I know this is random and questionable- lemme explain: Cassius is picky. He likes few things and definitely not on Thanksgiving. He does like hot dogs so this was my play on it. There.), Cornbread Muffins, Potato Salad, String Beans, Collard Greens, Yams, Chicken Wings (Dry rub, Honey Garlic, Buffalo and Fried), Sweet Potato Pies, Strawberry & White Chocolate Cheesecake, Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Pie and a Hot Chocolate Bar.

Everything came together so well, I even finished cooking hours earlier than years past. Plus it wasn’t a rushed or frantic process, I started two days ago and kept a great pace. I didn’t overwhelm or overwork myself. It was a great pleasure to serve God and my family today. The reviews were all great, even the slightly burned Pigs in a Blanket.

I couldn’t have done it without the help of my entire family who played a part in the whole process. We did it together as a team, and family and I’m incredibly blessed and thankful for them. That’s what today and every day is about for me.

Happy Thanksgiving Good People,

A Very Pleasant Mom,




Thanksgiving Spread, out of everything I cooked, the damn pigs in a blanket burned a lil bit.

Hot Chocolate Bar minus the whip cream.

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