Go With the Flow, and yet be Thankful

“Go with the flow, and yet be thankful” is how I’ve come to live my life. I do my best to avoid a lot of negativity and negative things. That doesn’t mean I get to completely avoid it though. I’m thankful for who I am today and I know where I’ve grown in my life because my attitude towards the things I have been going through has changed. Because of my relationship with God, I am able to “go with the flow”. I’m reminded constantly that my faith can’t be high just because things are going a certain way for me. Having that relationship with God is securing and soothing in a way that won’t allow me to get caught up in the muck of it all. Sometimes you have to go through whatever it is you’re experiencing. I’m right where I’m supposed to be at this moment and I’ve got to see it through. Now I’m a problem solver, a self-proclaimed solution specialist when it comes to life. Problems, issues, obstacles are going to arise. It’s without a doubt. Things might be going so good you think nothing can bring you down. Then that thing happens and you’re faced with a challenge. If you are familiar with my blog you know that my family and I have been experiencing so many challenges in the past 6 months. It’s been one thing after the next. My husband was arrested twice in 24 hours. We had 6 vehicles in May-June and now I have two left (1 parked to be fixed) and a truck that has become our lifeline. It’s not a pretty situation. At the present moment 3 of my 4 children are home sick on Halloween. Fun, right? No, it’s not but it will be alright because I have perfected “go with the flow”. Sure my babies aren’t feeling well and won’t be able to trick or treat this year. My husband and I weren’t feeling the whole trick or treat scene this year with all the crime, shootings, murder, rapings, kidnappings, accidents, hit and runs, and assaults going on. Funny not funny. So we had already decided to pass out candy. Well God had a better plan because now I don’t have to pass out candy. No one wants candy from the sick bunch, right? Either way I’m not opening my door letting in cold air, boogie monsters, ghouls or germs.

I have mastered “going with the flow”. I had what I thought was a promising career in banking years ago. I just knew I was going to climb that corporate ladder quickly if I applied myself and did my very best. When that didn’t happen I had to make adjustments. I’ve been a licensed taxi cab driver, delivery driver, and a Sales Assistant in the past three years. Now I’m a Kitchen Helper at Frostings Bake Shop in Short Pump where I get to help with the prep around the kitchen. This is my first commercial kitchen experience and for the first time in my life, I am finally doing something that I love to do. Each day I look forward to learning and getting more experience under my wings to be a better cook, and future chef. I was supposed to be finished with Culinary school by now but I had to put it off after my car accident. I’m going with the flow until I can complete Culinary school by getting as much cooking and commercial kitchen experience I can. Yesterday I acquired my second commercial kitchen position as a Kitchen Helper for Healthy Jars, a local healthy meal delivery service. I start that gig on Sunday. Next to typing away at my keyboard, I’ve found the most contentment career wise in a kitchen. It’s a day that doesn’t require me to watch the clock like a hawk. I’m always excited to see the happiness in people’s faces when they enjoy something they ate. The delight and excitement are rewarding and validation that you are doing something right. I’m trusting that I’m right where I’m supposed to be at this moment. I’m thankful for the reasons and even the seasons. It’s all apart of the divine plan.

If you find yourself feeling down because life has been more down than up lately, you’re not alone. Keep your head up, and go with the flow. Happy Halloween folk! Be safe and be blessed!

Blessings and Peace,

A Very Pleasant Mom of 4







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