Moms make the world go round! We work, work and then work some more for our families and loved ones! I know so many great moms that I want to bring together for sisterhood, support, motivation, inspiration, friendship and good ole’ FUN.

A few years ago I put together a group that I called LNO or Ladies Night Out, of women friends that I have met in my various walks in school, work and just life. We had some fun times! We did a Paint Night at All Fired Up! There was the trip to the exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts! There was dinner at Chuy’s. We were well on our way to more when life caught up with me and my group. I hope that I can bring together an equally esteemed new group of mothers to form #MomSquad and I would love if you join us.

LNO was such a classy and fun group of women, and I truly miss being able to engage and connect with other women outside of my children’s school or work environments. I believe that we can do it again, even better than before and I hope that if you are a Mom who wants to connect and fellowship with other Moms, you will consider joining our #MomSquad.



#AveryPleasantMom – Tameka


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