Swiss Steak and Mashed Potatoes

It’s a Pleasant Saturday Fam! The weather is mild and sunny and it’s the perfect day to tackle outdoor projects. I have some landscaping that I need to get done if the rain holds out but first I wanted to update you all on the last recipe I tried last night…Swiss Steak. In an effort to stay consistent on my blog I went through my freezer and deep freezer for recipe ideas to plan out a content calendar for the month of August when I ran across a pack of Thin Eye of Round Steaks. At first I thought about Beef and Broccoli or Mongolian Beef. I already do quite a bit of Asian Cuisine so I wanted to try something out of the box.

Now mind you I have no idea if Swiss Steak is actually swiss or not but hey, it sounded foreign so I went with it, lol. Sometimes I research the recipe’s origin but I didn’t this time. I found two recipes first via Pinterest – one from and another via that was slightly different as it used cubed steak. I opted to go primarily with the recipe because of its simplicity and the fact that I had the same cut of meat that the recipe called for. Y’all I know I love straightforward recipes that don’t require a ton of ingredients or steps and this one was one of those.


Less than 10 ingredients and I had all but three because I use them frequently and hadn’t restocked my pantry yet. I was excited to give this recipe a try because we are not big steak eaters but I’m always delighted to find a new way to enjoy steak and work with a new cut of meat too. I grabbed my apron and blessed my hands and heart. In my opinion meals are made best when I have love and joy in my heart.

In the background my husband and kids were playing NBA Live and enjoying themselves loudly so I put on my PowerBeats and my Pandora app and started to do what I love most next to spending time with my family – cook for them. 🙂 With all of my ingredients and pans out I was ready to take on this new recipe. At the last-minute I found a third Swiss Steak recipe that was similar to the other two I had previously found on Pinterest. I had no issues with steps 1 and 2 per

I did find that the 3rd step should have been the 4th step and as a result I switched them. Step 3 instructs you to fry onions and green peppers first, remove them and then brown steak on both sides just to put the onions and peppers back into the pan. Alternatively I browned my steaks first, put those to the side before frying the onions and peppers.

The second issue that I found with this recipe was that it called for pan frying in olive oil. After dredging the steaks in seasoned flour I attempted to brown them but the breading started coming off in the pan. So I only dredged about three steaks before I opted to just brown them without the flour dredge. (Tip: I keep and reuse/recycle some of plastic food service containers I receive. They don’t have a long shelf life but I’ve been able to repurpose quite a few things temporarily. For me getting an extra use or 2 out of common items is a way to cut down and reduce trash…I’m a recycle fanatic if you don’t know. So I used a baby back ribs container that I had gotten rom Fridays to dredge the steaks in. Photo Below)

In reviewing the other recipes I decided to use a little minced garlic, smoked paprika, Worcestershire sauce, beef stock and bay leaf in addition. So I added a little more olive oil to my pan, the minced garlic and the onions and peppers. I opted to not cook down the onions and peppers too much as I knew it would possibly need an additional hour or 2 of cooking time over low on the stove top. With the onion and pepper medley to my liking I put the steaks back into the pan on top of it. I then added the stewed tomatoes in. Now the recipe indicates that during the cooking time some of the liquid may evaporate and to add water. One of the other recipes called for beef stock so I grabbed a few beef bouillon cubes and boiled it in a little over a cup of water and added that stock to the pan. A sprinkling of smoked paprika, salt, pepper, 2 teaspoons of worcestershire sauce and a bay leaf to the pan. I covered and simmered on low for two hours.

After two hours the thin steaks were still not as tender as I would have liked, so I cut my oven on 275 degrees, covered my pan and baked it for an additional hour and a half before it was tolerable to eat. I imagine I coud have allowed it to continue baking as it would have only made it more tender but it was already late and we were an hour and a half over the recipes’ instructions. Prior to starting the Swiss Steak recipe I whipped up one of my all time favorites Homemade Mashed Potatoes. To me mashed potatoes is one of the most simple, delicious and versatile sides that you can made cheaply too. Potatoes, water, salt, milk, butter or margarine and chicken stock is all you need for a creamy pot of mashed potatoes.

With my potatoes done, I put together a simple side salad and Voila dinner was ready. I was a little concerned that my husband wouldn’t like it if the steak wasn’t on point. He loves anything tomato based that has onions and peppers. I fixed his plate, took my pictures and then served my patient husband his dinner at almost 11 o’clock on a Friday night, lol. The verdict – Delicious! He loved it. The steak was good. It wasn’t chewy or hard as I hoped it not to be. It was really good. As we sat at the table mulling over it I decided that it was like a Deconstructed meat loaf. And it must have been really good because he got up and ate another plate of it after I retired for the night.

Swiss Steak over Mashed Potatoes

So Fam, it was another Pleasant dinner, lol. All smiles and clean plates. Now y’all know my children wanted no parts of Swiss Steak although they inquired excitedly about it as I cooked. My oldest son Fredo was supposed to give it a shot but he was nowhere to be found when it was time to eat. For the children I grilled them Beef Hotdogs, one of their absolute favorites. So I can’t complain, every one was satisfied and full from their respective dinners.

I’m contemplating my next challenge. My content calendar suggests making Honey Mustard Chicken with the chicken drumsticks I have in my deep freezer but I was watching Diners, Drive-in’s and Dive’s with my husband and was intrigued by Empanadas, a meat pie or savory turnover. A lot of cultures have their own versions of the empanadas like the Jamaican’s do the Beef Patty or Chicken Patty that employs the same technique – meat filling in a pastry dough that is baked. So make sure you check back to see what I decide.

What do you think I should try next? Honey Mustard Chicken or Empanadas? Let me know in the comments and I might just take your advice or suggestions. Enjoy the rest of your Saturday folks, it’s almost time for me to pick up my oldest son from basketball practice.

Peace and Blessings,

A Very Pleasant Mom of 4 – Tameka




3rd Swiss Steak Recipe via This Site


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    1. Surprisingly it was tasty. I still have to figure out where I went wrong with the shallow fry…the breading came off. Maybe next time I’ll use canola or vegetable oil? Anybody familiar with this recipe to help a sista out, lol Thanks again for the kind comments sir! I appreciate your support!

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