Serve If You Must

This is my personal call to action to people in positions of service – Serve, if you must. I love helping. I love seeing people happy or laughing, with smiles on their faces. So if I’m placed in a position where I must provide you with a service of some sort, you can better believe that I’m doing so with a smile, and I’m doing it with love in my heart. I hate conflict so I do my part to minimize it as much as possible.

Today I was reminded how important it is that we all take our respective jobs and positions seriously. I’m so tired of this don’t give a phuck type of attitude that I get from people when I’m out in the world trying to handle my business. On Sunday I was scared to death when my son King’s Croup resurfaced sending us speeding to Memorial Regional Medical’s ER. Luckily this wasn’t our first rodeo so we knew what to do including my son King. Thank God we made it to the hospital in great time to get the necessary treatment to help my son begin to feel better. During our experience with Memorial Regional we had bad service and then we had great service. Initially we were re-routed to Registration when we arrived on the wrong side of the ER – the ambulance entrance. We were agitated, my son was struggling to breathe and my husband had to carry my son around the building to the other side to enter and be registered. Needless to say this was the start of a bad experience but we needed them to help our son, so our frustration and anger took a back seat to allow the medical professionals to do their job. Essentially my son walked out the ER feeling much better and we were hopefully headed toward continued recovery for my son. At the urgency of the ER doctor, my son needed to be seen by his primary doctor the next day for follow-up. Of course as things do happen – an outstanding balance that hadn’t been satisfied by another child’s insurance claim stopped my sons primary doctor from seeing him. Undeterred I decided to switch doctor’s. This wasn’t my first issue with them and I wanted a new practice that would be more conveniently located if possible.

I don’t know why I chose East End Pediatrics, I was familiar with the business as they have an existing commercial and I’m sure someone I know also may have mentioned Dr Briggs as well. To make an otherwise long story short I had the worst experience with a doctor on yesterday trying to get follow-up care for my son. She was rude, condescending and she even discredited the previous medical professionals who have seen and cared for my children for years. This lady had no professionalism as she questioned whether I had done my own research on my children’s conditions and then she denied my request for an anti-biotic prescription refill for my son’s skin condition. She was horrible, and on top of that she didn’t care at all that her professionalism lapsed in front of my children while one of their condition got worse throughout the debacle. I was so disappointed and frustrated at the amount of time invested and wasted in taking my kids to this provider to only be disrespected and again, denied help for my children. She diagnosed my son King with the flu and provided no prescriptions to help with his respiratory issues and the symptoms. So I will spend the rest of my week visiting doctor’s offices to secure a new pediatrician for my children. As frustrated as I am that my son feels worse than what he did when he went to her office, my other son did not get the oral antibiotic he needs to continue treatment of his pre-existing skin condition and I still have to find a new doctor; I know that God is going to work it all out in our favor. See I had this same issue many years ago but with my children’s dental practice. These particular practices require that your children be restrained during service and parents be outside of the service area watching from a little bubble window. I didn’t like that, so I decided to find a Dental Clinic that operated within my comfort level. Thank God I found the Dental Clinic at the Children’s Hospital.

My children have been gong to the Dental Clinic inside the Children’s Hospital for years now and they’ve become extended family to us. When we show up we catch up with what’s going on with each other’s families and updates, it’s truly like a mini family reunion. It’s because of them that I have hope that my journey is going to take me to the right pediatrician practice for my family. It also reminds me to be grateful when I receive great service and then to continue to #ShareandSpreadLove.

Continuing in the spirit of love this month, I will be taking my favorite Dental Clinic staff prayer bracelets to let thank them for their many years of great service and support! I hope they like them!

In the face of adversity, I’m going to continue to share and spread love as much as I can and I hope you will too! A great big shout out to my friends at the Dental Clinic at the Children’s Hospital of Richmond!


Peace and Blessings,


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