Debunking the Recipe: Blue Drip Cake

     Happy Valentine’s Day!


Though the past week has been majorly chaotic and almost overwhelming at times there was a silver lining in our clouds, all of our children have been doing great in school! Through the chaos I still wanted to celebrate their successes collectively as a family and individually. Specifically I wanted to do something special for my youngest son Cassius who has made literal leaps and bounds when he jumped from reading Level E to N! Cassius is a picky eater but just so happens to have a sweet tooth like his mom so I knew he would love a sweet treat of some sort. While we don’t let them overindulged in junk foods they are allowed to have desserts daily after dinner provided they met all of the pre-qualifications (yes, they must pre-qualify or be eligible for dessert; which still does not guarantee receiving it). So I set out to find the perfect delectable treat for my Eager Reader. Chance and fate were working together when I found the video for the Blue Drip Cake JulieKlink via Tasty BuzzFeed. This cake was perfect because it was a mountain of a cake at 3 layers. This Blue Drip cake was a first for me for many reasons – 1. My first time making a 3 layer cake. 2. This would also be my first time making ganache – blue colored white chocolate ganache.

Sounds fancy right? I thought so too. It also sounded complicated. Once I googled what ganache was I was pleasantly surprised with its simplicity. Ganache is chocolate and heated cream melted into a glaze, sauce, or icing. I was also interested in the end result as this recipe called for boxed white cake mix – approximately 2 of them. I love an easy recipe. I also love complicated recipes that require you prepare the dish from scratch. Life is all about balance. This recipe is to the point when it instructs you to prepare your 2 cake mixes according to the instructions on the box. Easy enough. I opted for Kroger white cake mix as it was $1.00 per box. What I thought was interesting was that Kroger’s brand cake mix is made with egg whites.


3 Cooling Cakes

Once the cake mixes were prepared I jump back on the recipe and divided my batter into 3 bowls. Next I added the food coloring being sure to achieve 3 different levels of blue with the batter. I continued with the instructions and prepared the pans with Kroger brand baking spray and parchment paper in the bottom. I baked the blue cakes till they were done by inserting a toothpick in the center of each pan. The cakes were cooled on racks and then almost ready to be frosted. Next time I would chill the cakes before I frost it to ensure it was completely cool and somewhat firm. Due to the time of evening it was I frosted my cake too soon. I wanted the kids to be able to try it before they went to bed so I had to speed the process up somewhat. As a result the cake crumbled slightly into the white vanilla frosting. As a side tip I whipped my frosting right inside of the store packaging by using one of my mixing attachments on my hand mixer.

The frosted cake.

I may have already mentioned that baking is not my forte’, I like to bake but I’m still learning to be a better baker. It definitely does not come naturally and requires me to challenge myself with certain recipes, namely this one. With that disclaimer out the way, my cakes looked great, they even tasted great as I cut the rounded tops off the cake. Once assembled and completely frosted my cake looked a little lopsided. Oh well, it still tasted delicious but it was very soft so I knew I would have to refrigerate it for a little while to help with the ganache. I also wanted to smooth out some spots on the cake and I figured it would be easy once the icing and the cake were both cooled. I gave it a good 30 minutes in my refrigerator on the coldest setting. I then gathered my white chocolate chips and heavy cream to make the ganache.

Even with a slightly uneven cake I was still feeling good, my confidence would take a nosedive when I couldn’t get all of the white chocolate melted in my ganache – the result, visible specks of white chocolate in what should be a smooth glaze. But then I was reminded those specks weren’t flour or cornstarch – it was chocolate…white chocolate more specifically. No harm done technically though I know it was probably a fail. It tasted great and the blue food coloring made it more appealing. The recipe instructs to again divide the ganache into 3 bowls and repeat the same effect as done on the batter. Again for the sake of time and the amount of dirty dishes, I opted for two and I ended up just pouring it all over the cake causing it to drip down the sides and create a cake island surrounded by ganache water. It was definitely a sight to behold!

Finished Blue Drip Cake featuring White Chocolate Specks

Finally we could devour cake and it was delicious! The white chocolate ganache over the vanilla frosting and cake was a really sweet decadent treat. Cassius loved his surprise cake and we all agreed that this recipe was a hit! I would encourage anyone to try this cake as this is doable for a beginner baker like me. Have fun with it and I’m sure you will love the result as we did! I’m keeping my eyes open for my next Debunker – I have absolutely no idea what I’m in store for next but I hope it will be delicious!

Till next time…

Peace and Blessings,

Future Baker Tameka






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