The Aha Moment

I had an “aha” moment the other day when I figured out multiple things in one day that totally gave me life in a whole new way. So I want to say it might have been Thursday when I was reading the Quincy Jones article on and I was definitely amused and entertained by the music mogul’s candor and brilliance. I figured out a few different things from reading this article.

  1. He is 100% right about modern pop music being loops, beats and hooks. I do think that a lot of pop artists lack a true musical background because of the new information and technology age that will allow you to skip certain steps to get an end result. There is still knowledge, experience and creativity that should be the foundation for any artist working in any medium including music.
  2. Quincy Jones reported that he has never made music for money. “Not even Thriller” one of the biggest records in the world. “No way, God walks out of the room when you’re thinking about money.” Initially I thought that this is some profound stuff right here. Quincy is dropping jewels. I was all ready to post my tweet in support of this bold statement, hashtags and all. Then I sat back and I reflected on what he said and what I’ve learned. I think he was very correct when he said that you should not be driven by money. I disagreed when he said that God walks out the room. I was taught to know that God is always with me – that I have a certain amount of free will as a child of God to make my choice – whether it is good or bad, right or wrong. If God was not with me during some of my darkest times I am almost certain I would not be here.

I needed to be reminded of that as I walk this journey trying to build this Very Pleasant Life Community. It’s so hard trying to stay grounded in this world when everywhere around us – the pursuit of or necessity of money is being promoted. Or it’s the things that cost that require money that is being thrown in our faces in every way imaginable all the time. We see commercials or advertisements everywhere right? It’s no secret I do want to make money. I also want to serve God and help people. You’ve heard the success stories from all of your favorite celebrities – do it because you love it and the money will follow. So even though I know I need to be business minded and always on top of my game – I can just enjoy doing what I love the most, work hard and stay prayed up. I’m bound to get where I’m supposed to go.

I also managed to figure out a piece of the #ShareandSpreadlove movement. So I missed my crochet class last week but I had already purchased my first spool of yarn and crochet needles. I didn’t want to wait a month for the next class so I managed to find a few great instructional videos on YouTube. Hey, I can crochet now! It’s not the hardest thing to do but I was still proud of myself for being self-taught and wanted to get as much practice. I perused Pinterest for I know hours pinning Crochet patterns and projects I was eager to take on once I skill level improved. Lo and behold, I stumbled across a Pin courtesy of Rescued Paw Designs of a really easy chained feather crochet bracelet. I remembered the prayer bracelet that Loni Love received from Tamera Mowry’s mother and how special that gift was to her. Her grandmother started a tradition of buying red yarn and praying over it before passing it along to given recipient. How beautiful I thought? I set out on a hunt to find a prayer bracelet and was given the idea to make my own. Hence the timing of this Pin was incredible.

The first 35 bracelets for our #ShareandSpreadlove movement.

As one of our #ShareandSpreadlove projects I have decided to make a ridiculous amount of bracelets for my immediate and extended family. The ones that I have created for my immediate family and my children’s teachers are adorned with the feather charms. As we shopped for charms in Michael’s I decided to stick with the feather because I thought this was a good representation of being the wind beneath one’s wings’ as we all are the wind beneath each other’s wings. As parents, family, friends and even teachers – we all play a part in helping our family soar to new heights. Each day after I drop my children off at school I say a prayer for them, their teachers and their entire school community. The bracelet is a representation of my prayers each day for them and our community.

I opted to do bracelets in multiple colors including red, off white and then multi-colored yarn. There are 16 bracelets with charms and the rest don’t have them. I haven’t decided how many bracelets I intend to make so I’m going to crochet until my fingers fall off. I’m hoping to have enough bracelets to share and spread love to the rest of the teachers, administration and staff at my children’s school on Valentine’s Day along with a tasty inexpensive treat (suggestions welcome). This is a small token of my husband and my appreciation for all the love, time, work and support they invest in our children. I’m so blessed and honored that my children are able to attend a fantastic accredited public school! Every day my kids are eager to go to school and want to learn and that’s because of the environment that the great folk at Harvie Elementary are fostering. Every day I feel at ease knowing my children are in their care and if there was more that I could do to show my gratitude I would. I hope this gesture is received well with all of the love, protection and blessing that I intend it to bring.

I also hope that this inspires others to share and spread love with the people they love and appreciate the most, or even people they don’t know. I’m so excited for Valentine’s Day because I truly hope they all like what we’ve come up with and truly feel the measure of our hearts and gratitude.

Check back later this week for a full write-up and hopefully pictures of how it all pieced together. I’ve got to get back to crocheting, cooking and I can’t forget loving… I’ve got a new “Debunking the Recipe” post coming soon. Today I’m planning to make a 3 layer blue drip cake in honor of my son Cassius who favorite color is blue. His teacher blessed me with the best news this week when she informed me that my son had progressed from reading level E to N very quickly. He has been a reading beaver and he loves cake and the color blue, so I’m praying that my baking game is on point today because I can’t wait to see the look on his face when it’s done. I’m also cooking up a Beef Chuck pot roast and some vegetables too. Have a blessed Sunday and week!

And don’t forget to check back because there are definitely great things in store for the Very Pleasant Life crew. In case you didn’t know, it’s 3 days till Valentine’s Day, there’s still plenty of time to shop or craft your loved ones tokens of your love. My babies had a great time working in the “Love Lab” preparing the Valentines for their loved ones.  I even let them eat some of the extra candy!! Does your family have Valentine’s Day traditions or plans? Let me know and give me some ideas in the comments. If you’re lacking ideas head on over to Pinterest now! Of course my completed projects are under my She Tried It board.  Thanks for stopping by!

Be Blessed,

A Very Pleasant Mom of 4

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