What’s going to make the world a better place? How can I do my part to help society and the world? By doing everything in my power to raise and teach my children to become responsible humans. Being human transcends being black or white, a citizen or immigrant…it is merely a person who has a humane side. Too often I believe people are getting farther away from humanity and what it should represent.

This year the holidays caught up with us and as usual made it exciting to pull it all together despite the challenges we faced getting it done. Christmas is not end all be all in my house but I’d be lying if I said that my children aren’t spoiled to some degree. In the sense that we have been blessed to have had great Christmases filled with love, bounties of gifts, friends and family around to celebrate with. So they always have an expectation that it’s going to be great. Now mind you they can be unrealistic when lists are being made but it doesn’t matter what’s under the tree or not, they will be happy. Their happiness will be genuine, there we won’t be any bad attitudes or frustrations. That’s what I love about them.

Even still in recent years our support system of friends and extended family have diminished tremendously. There is a lot of dysfunction in my family that can’t be ignored. I’ve had family members pass on, and the extended family relationships that went along with it.

Remember I said, “Every day is a pleasant day”, I never said it was easy or always pretty. Nevertheless I love my family and having my children be thoughtful, caring people is still a value worth possessing. Now mind you they will also be taught to not be a fool and so forth and so on. Yet I notice more that because of our lack of familial ties my kids can sometimes lack the general thoughtfulness and consideration towards others outside of our small circle of trust.

We used to make cards and crafts for family and friends. It was one of the things they loved doing the most. Then our loved ones would have some keepsake or memento crafted by a Pleasants’ child. I miss this! We used to do a lot, and unfortunately as some relationships died off, so did a small piece of our hearts.

So as I relaunch this blog again, February 2018, a month known for the celebration of love; how appropriate to “Share and Spread Love” all month and who knows maybe the Pleasants will keep it going all year! It’s never too late to start living with purpose and love in our hearts! I hope to teach my kids to be the best they can be, a light in this sometimes dark world.

What values are you all teaching your kids? What challenges are you facing or could use improvement? I’ll keep you posted with the many projects I have planned this month for my family and how you can get involved too!

Peace and Blessings,



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