Debunking the Recipe: Hasselback Cheese Puff Fried Chicken


You already know I love Pinterest right? I can admit that when I gave up Facebook I rebounded hard straight into Pinterest. Who knew that I would get so much enjoyment from my Pinterest app? I didn’t but I’m all the better and consider myself an expert of sorts when it comes to Pinterest and cooking, home life – running  and managing my household and family. Okay I was all of those things prior to Pinterest but needless to say it’s a ton of great information on Pinterest that is always super helpful and easy to find.

I personally love trying new recipes or getting inspiration for crafts or projects. In dedication to my love of all things Pinterest I created a board titled “She Tried It” on my Pinterest channel. These are all of the pins that I have personally completed. Most of my comments include photos and as much helpful information as possible. Feel free to mosey on over to Pinterest and follow my boards if you dare, there are some great recipes and ideas that might be worth checking out which brings me to my first “Debunking the Recipe” review of Hasselback Cheese Puff Fried Chicken.

First I like Cheetos but I don’t have a love of Cheetos. My children like Cheetos but they don’t love them. They are not the cleanest snack to eat and my kids uniforms would suffer tremendously so let’s just say that if it’s in the variety box of Fritos Lays they will eat it, otherwise they aren’t begging for Cheetos. So the fact that this recipe required 10 cups of Cheetos cheese puffs is highly questionable but I love a good challenge and I figured at the very worst case scenario 2 out of 4 kids would like it and my husband would minimally try it, though I was not sold he would like it.

Next let’s address the name of the recipe “Hasselback Cheese Puff Fried Chicken”. The recipe uses the hasselback technique to slice the chicken but then it is fastened together into a blossom with toothpicks before it is deep-fried. Shouldn’t this really be called “Cheetos Chicken Blossom”, okay, let’s say for copyright infringement purposes we could still safely call it, “Cheese Puff Fried Chicken Blossom”? Either way the name is slightly misleading but it teaches us something new that I didn’t know before which is the hasselback method of slicing vegetables, fruits and even meats.

Yet I set out on my mission to make these so-called Cheese Puff Fried Chicken blossoms. The next thing that I needed that I didn’t have on hand was buttermilk. I don’t use buttermilk often so it’s not a staple that I keep in my fridge. I settled on a quart since I knew I would be using it all to marinade the chicken breasts. You also are doing yourself a huge justice by using a food processor to grind up your cheese puffs. My last food processor was broken and though I could have replaced it to accomodate this recipe my gut and wallet told me not to. I opted to use my blender and it did not go well. I was able to grind up the cheese puffs in small batches at a time. You also need a sharp knife to slice your chicken effortlessly.

This “Tasty” video is 1:31 seconds and while I think it gives you a great outline to follow for the end result when I completed the steps per the video my result was shrunken chicken chunk with toothpicks  surrounded by floating cheese. The coating completely came off leaving my chicken naked as a jaybird. In the meantime my husband had caught wind of what was going on and offered some supportive words and ideas to salvage the recipe. He was now sold on these cheesy chicken tenders! So I ground up more cheese puffs but I mixed some all-purpose flour into the cheese dusting. Then I beat 2 eggs in a bowl to dip the marinated chicken breasts into before covering with the cheese puff and flour mixture. I also denounced the idea of the blossom as I fumbled with the buttermilk ranch covered chicken breasts and toothpicks. It seemed so overrated when it didn’t go immediately right and I had already spent enough time grinding cheese puffs and test frying the first batch. In an instant they were chicken tenders and frying beautifully in the pot of vegetable oil.

My prediction was right, 2 out of 4 kids liked it though I am surprised which two. I knew King would like it because he loves Hot Cheetos or Hot Anything for that matters, so in laymen terms this means if it is bright orange-red colored and spicy as all hell – he will devour it. It came as a total surprise when Cassius asked for his second round of “chicken nuggets” as he called it…the nerve of kids. My oldest didn’t hate it but he wasn’t in love with them. I was pleasantly surprised that my husband not only liked them – he enjoyed it.

So this recipe has officially been debunked. Maybe the creator of the video was short on time and left out a couple of steps or maybe the mysterious magic of cooking yielded them a completely different product. This was still a fun attempt and it has given my creativity off the leash when it comes to experimenting with flavors and textures.

What recipe will I debunk next? I have no clue, do you have a recipe you’d like me to debunk? Drop me a line in the comments and maybe I’ll check it out for ya!

Peace and Blessings,








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