Bless Someone For Their Press

I do like to rhyme. Yes, I acknowledge that. It keeps life light sometimes and keeps you on point for that day when your freestyle skills may be tested…I’m just saying, it’s possible.

I’ve been feeling anxious a little bit lately, I realize there are times in life in which I impose certain challenges or obstacles on myself to validate this thing on the inside of me. Whatever it is God put it there, it motivates and pushes me to envision, dream and furthermore create. I live to create. I thrive on seeing the results of my creation whether it’s in my best creations of all, my family. I see it all the time in them and I’m reminded that God has blessed me with this Gift. Secondly, I love to cook. I love the process of creation and then the gratification of a delicious conclusion. I love to craft, color and design. I could go on and on about the things that drive me but even still I find myself needing to accomplish or achieve certain goals. I do well in a lot of things and then I struggle to balance it all. Yet I trust that I have to keep trying, because the saying goes, “you can’t win if you’re not in the game”.

Today I’m sitting on the sideline of the game and the view is still amazing and a blessing of it’s own. I am so blessed to see Comedianne Tiffany Haddish blow up the way she is right now! #BlackGirlMagic

I’m so elated for her and I am enjoying watching her grow. My husband and I have been watching her for years. We’ve always known her time was coming. When I started my Homage t-shirts line ages ago, my Ladies First Collection had to have a Tiffany Haddish shirt, it’s the Unicorn shirt inspired by her appearance on the first episode of Hip Hop Squares. Go watch it if you haven’t seen it.

Everybody needs a good laugh and my girl has been delivering much needed comic relief for myself and so many others for a long time. Laughter is one of the best cures for anything. Somebody better make this femme fatale a Honorary Doctorate soon because she’s healing us all while still being her sassy, hilarious yet relatable self. I don’t buy into the hype of award shows, and certain television programming but I will be watching Saturday Night Live tonight to celebrate the press of this blessed and gifted woman. I already know she’s going to kill it! I’ll be sitting on my couch eating one of my Unicorn Funnel Cakes inspired by my girl, lol. Yes it is a delicious and crispy funnel cake covered in powdered sugar, Lucky Charms cereal, Raspberry Sauce, Star Sprinkles, yellow and teal sugar glitter, nerds and whip cream.

It is absolutely delicious.. the raspberry sauce is the kicker!! This recipe will also be featured in my upcoming book, “A Very Pleasant Home”.

Hit me up if you want one but don’t text me about funnel cakes or anything after 11:25pm EST. Please watch history in the making if you dare. Standing ovation for my Sister in Spirit, Ms. Tiffany Haddish!!







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