Keep Hope Alive

With all the shootings, hurricanes, tragedy and chaos that ensues us individually and collectively, its easy to get caught up in the overwhelming sense of fear and the unknown that lingers every minute of every day. If you’re a minority of any kind that fear can quadruple with the possibility of further atrocities against you and your family.

In my opinion, these days you have to be operating with a belief or value system that includes Hope. Next to a strong belief and relationship with God and Faith…there should be Hope. Hope is what gets the job done when your faith might be wavering. I have many hopes that drive my incredible faith. My hopes for my children to live long happy love filled lives is the reason why I’m faithful to my beliefs.

So many lives have been ripped away suddenly and painfully. We must keep living. We must continue to strive for peace and tolerance of all people. We must pray. We must love. We must heal. But above all we must Keep Our Own Hopes and Dreams Alive!!

God Bless All,


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