There’s Two Sides To Every Coin

I’m like a coin I must confess. Yes, there are two sides to me…duh, a front and a back but I’m not speaking physically. The two sides I’m referring to are the Tameka that truly wants to be my last name and then some… Pleasants. I’ve had difficult times in life at all various phases and age ranges but I’ve learned that my attitude can directly affect the outcome whether it’s positive or negative. In short, you get more done with honey then horse manure. I like to think I’m a pretty balanced person emotionally so I operate with a certain level of sanity. As hard as I try to be the light in a world full of darkness there are times when I am less than pleasant.

I’m very protective and sensitive of my family, so it’s typically some trespass of such against them or myself that could trigger the other side of my coin. At least twice today SHE showed her head, the first behind the wheel at an erratic close following driver and last, SHE might have been mildly blunt with the lady fascinated with my kids verbatim knowledge of a song at the Washington Wizards practice game tonight. That lady didn’t need to be advised that my kids are also Scholar and Honor students but she appeared to be fascinated, I just wanted to blow her completely away.

I believe that one of the reasons I am able to live my pleasant life is because I’m at the point where I’m okay with me. That comfort alone makes getting up each day and feeling blessed to live this life whether I live up to my name or not. We all have a good days, bad moments and everything in between…I’m thankful to be here to keep trying. When all else fails, even the need to be pleasant, an attitude of gratitude has taken me the rest of the way.



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