Delayed but Not Denied

I’m thankful for wisdom and knowledge that I have gained throughout my brief 36 years of living. It’s because of my wisdoms and experiences that I can hold my head up confidently knowing that my dream of going to Culinary School is delayed but most certainly not denied. I wanted to start Orientation today but truth of the matter is I’m not ready. I’ve got some health concerns and two kids who need my guidance daily, plus I can’t afford to spend almost two grand out of pocket monthly for school. I always try to do things the right way if I can, and there is a right and affordable way to go back to school…so till January 2018 when I will officially start Culinary School I will be doing everything to ensure that my dream will manifest because I’ve also done the work beforehand.

Things don’t always go as we want but I can attest to the fact that it will all work out for your good if you believe and achieve to. Though I won’t be Chef Mek by my birthday next year as planned, nevertheless I will still finish.

Whatever you are believing God for, keep praying, keep believing and never stop dreaming!

God Bless,

Mek the Cook (till Chef Mek)

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