There’s Unity in Community

“There’s Unity in Community”

It sounds cliché, but it’s true. The concept hit me like a ton of bricks the other day after my family attended Back to School night for my sons. Never in my life, have I felt more connected to a community that along with my husband, we have created for our family. It’s not a very large community, but it’s just what my family needs at this time. We live in an area that affords my children the opportunity to attend  an fully accredited public school that is actually in my neighborhood. It doesn’t hurt that my kids love their school, they love feeling apart of this community and for me that is priceless. I couldn’t be more pleased with the team of professionals that are responsible for providing my children the foundation and fundamentals of their educational journey. If you have children and you care about more than what they are learning, but also, who is teaching them, whether they are safe and being taken care of in your absence, then you’ve got to understand the sense of relief  you feel when you know that all of the above criteria are being met and exceeded.

What do you do when you don’t feel apart of whatever community you’re in? Your neighborhood? Your work community? Hell, your family? It’s hard when you feel like the odd man out as if your presence isn’t needed or required, or maybe you do feel needed. You might just feel used by friends, co-workers, bosses or family members. That’s when you have to make whatever choices that is crucial to your own self-preservation and sanity. I felt forced out of an industry that I had developed a penchant for over the years. Even though I loved working in the finance industry, it was not for me. I was good at what I did and I even worked hard. In the end it was not enough to sustain my position within that community. For a while it was a real ego crusher. I wanted to work and had lots of great experience and skills to contribute to any organization, still I couldn’t secure the positions that I wanted that would help me advance and further my career. I had been stalled out. During my transition from corporate into stay at home Mom and caretaker of my mother in law, it felt uneasy. Even though I was certainly busy and making good use of my time supporting my family, it always felt like I could do more. I wanted to do more.

You never know what gifts God has for you at any given time. For me, the gift of being able to transition into something new…that I wasn’t sure I would be able to do until my kids were out of school. I am going to culinary school starting next week. If you really know me and my family, then you know we love to eat which means I cook a lot. I love to cook. I love to cook for my family. My husband is my muse. He knows this and he reminds our family often. Yes, my husband is my inspiration. He’s a foodie, and he’s had the pleasure of eating all over the nation. My taste buds are international because I’ve had the delight of traveling overseas. Together we make a great team at everything. I cook. He eats. When he loves it, that’s gratifying. When he doesn’t I’m a little wounded. Nevertheless, we’ve developed a partnership even over food that has given life to new phase in my life, hence, also giving me and my family a new community to be apart of…the cooking and culinary industry.

What I love the most about the food industry is that it’s not a pretentious community. Yes I think you have those chefs or industry professionals who take themselves too seriously and come off less than desirable but for the most part, it’s a very welcoming community. I love cooking shows! I watch them all! The food industry is comprised of all kinds of people, from all different backgrounds, races, and classes. There’s a certain level of respect amongst these professionals that I already feel connected to. I never felt connected to the financial industry even when I was helping people keep their homes. I am connected to the food that I make, and the people that I serve my food to. I’ve always had a great sense of hospitality and flair that I am looking forward to using in my new career. Yes, I’ve been given the gift of community and along with my family and the people that we see and work with and around on a daily basis, I have found that unity.

God Bless,

Mek aka (Future) Chef Mek

A Very Pleasant Life is…Being United with A Community

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