What does a “pleasant life” mean or look to you?

My first post. Yay! That’s not sarcasm either! That’s real enthusiasm at the success of this first post on this hot, humid day…and I  know this and I haven’t stepped outside yet because the meteorologist and weather channel.com have both informed me of this. I’m genuinely happy that I’m finally able to sit here (inside where it’s cool, thank God) on July 13th at 1:30pm and initiate again, a new venture for me that encompasses so much of all that I have done, learned and even mastered at this point in my life. More importantly I’m eager and “pleasantly” surprised at the direction that I’m going and creating my own version of a “pleasant life” every day.

While today is the day I officially commemorate this site with the first post, Pleasants Personal and Professional Solutions, LLC officially started 04/24/2017. It is something that I have been working towards for many years as a person, mother, wife and entrepreneur. Having this business is a part of my clever design of what my “pleasant life” looks like and more importantly, feels like. My “pleasant life” makes me feel good in a way that motivates me to keep striving to maintain and exceed my expectations daily. It’s not a perfect theory all the time but it is one that I’m allowing to mold and shape me into the woman that I’ve always wanted to be.

Tomorrow I turn 36 and all I can say is WOW and Thank you Lord! I’m not exactly where I want to be, but I definitely have come a long way from where I was. I’m faithful that I’m on the right track, and even if I get off track, the Lord will guide my steps as he always have.

This blog is a part of my personal quest at finding and living the best balanced life that I can which includes helping others do the same. As a consultant I get to help and impact people in a positive way, work for myself and be of service to my community. I help real people with real problems, big or small.

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